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Practice Areas


Collection Agency Representation

We are a full service firm for collection agency clientele. Our lawyers assist with your compliance effort, reviewing and helping edit dunning letters, helping with staff training, and keeping management informed on current issues affecting the industry. We consider our clients among the best informed, and most engaged, in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. Collection agencies can structure representation where only key steps are handled by our firm or “turnkey” operations where we take over the entire litigation process for you.

Creditor Representation, Consumer and Commercial

Professional practices, skilled trades, business to business providers, real estate lessors, and retail lenders are among our clientele. Fee agreements and methodologies are made industry-specific and client-specific, allowing you to remain in control of the process and maximize “net back” recovery. We have our own debtor and asset location resources and are often able to advance the costs of litigation.

Litigation and Judgment Enforcement

Our litigation practice is statewide; we have attorneys licensed in the state courts and all federal courts in Colorado, with regular appearance dates scheduled in most of the state’s busier courts.